Aug 22, 2013


"Stick them with the pointy end."
A Song of Ice and Fire - George R.R. Martin

Since I first watched the first season of the Game of Thrones, Arya is the character I have been rooting for. Brave, smart, courageous and strong despite the terrifiying times and what her family went through. A huge credit to Maisie Williams for bringing Arya to life. No one could have done it better than her.

This brings me to read the books because I no longer have the patience wait for season 4 and if she'll eventually reunite with Nymeria. And Needle! I used to want to watch the show unspoiled but some web commenters just couldn't help themselves but divulge bits of obvious spoilers, under the guise of storyline possibilities of course (I wish Joffrey be poisoned on his wedding day... Jon Snow is actually the son of blah blah blah), so might as well spoil myself wholeheartedly.

This amazing portrait is by Mercedes deBellard from this website.

You can view more works from this artist here.

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