Jan 21, 2014


While I love books, I also enjoy my beloved characters being brought to life in the big screen. There is the possibility of the film being such a bad idea but then book fans of the Game of Thrones (TV series may apply) enjoy the series as well.

1. Eleanor and Park - Rainbow Rowell

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For the first time in weeks, Park didn’t have that anxious feeling in his stomach on the way home from school, like he had to soak up enough of Eleanor to keep him until the next day.

I'm not so much into the young adult genre of literature, with vampires and wolves and other themes I'm not very interested about, but I stumbled into this gem of a novel by Rainbow Rowell and I couldn't put it down.

2. Flipped - Wendellin Van Draanen

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I'd spent so many years avoiding Juli Baker that I'd never really looked at her, and now all of a sudden I couldn't stop. This weird feeling started taking over the pit of my stomach, and I didn't like it. Not one bit. To tell you the truth, it scared the Sheetrock out of me.

Sweet, charming and innocent coming of age story and I did not know this was already featured in a movie in 2010 I felt behind the times so much! But I am including this in my list because it just feels like me having a wish instantly coming true.

3. Far from the Madding Crowd - Thomas Hardy

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By the time I finished devouring this classic I learned there is to be a movie. As a book-to-period movie buff I can't wait for this to come out!

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