Jan 29, 2014


To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.
~ Phyllis Theroux ~

With new technology of instant messaging today, one can wonder how the younger generation when asked to write a letter the old fashioned way find doing one. I'm not sure if letter writing is still taught in schools like the way back in my day, almost twenty years ago (now I feel old!).

I remember my ten year old self sitting on the roof beams of our old house reading my aunt's box full of old letters, curiously going through each one and at the same time wondering if I will ever get to amass such a heap of missives from friends and family when I grow up.

I had quite a plenty from my favorite aunt before I was twelve. When I started high school, not so much but when I was in college I could only count one. This is primarily because only one of my high school friends chose to move out of town to college, and that letter from hers had its hints of texting abbreviations and social shorthand that I find oddly out of place in a hand-written letter.

It was probably the last letter that I ever received or written a response to via snail mail. Texting was already at it's prime during my college years, though I unconsciously exclude myself from the texting crowd for the reason that I only got my first mobile telephone after graduation.

To this day I still long to be able to feel that excitement of opening an envelope after days of waiting for a response to your own letter. For the most part I guess it's letting things slow down and letting go of the reins every now and then that I missed the most.

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