May 18, 2014


My featherbed is deep and soft, and there I’ll lay you down,
I’ll dress you all in yellow silk, and on your head a crown.
For you shall be my lady love, and I shall be your lord.
I’ll always keep you warm and safe, and guard you with my sword.

And how she smiled and how she laughed, the maiden of the tree.
She spun away and said to him, no featherbed for me.
I’ll wear a gown of golden leaves, and bind my hair with grass,
But you can be my forest love, and me your forest lass.

taken from Arya's chapter on A Storm of Swords

Despite the fate of a lot of our most beloved characters, I'm still hopeful for this two to meet again in the future. Plus it will make true the statement above by King Robert that once was referring to Sansa and Joffrey.

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